Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I Must B happy



I must be happy and I must let go;

She’s young, she’s married now, I must move on,

But there’s an emptiness, I miss her so,

A dull ache deep inside me, now she’s gone.

No more the text, “Mums, can I come for lunch?

I can’t stay long, though, fancy feeding me?”

Her absence hits me like a silent punch,

And I admit, I miss her dreadfully.

How full of ups and downs the years have been;

This sometimes thankless job of parenthood,

Where “Mum, I love you” turns to, “you’re so mean!”

Yet I’d not change things even if I could.

Although she’s gone and left me feeling low,

Because I love her, I must let her go.


Frances Garrood said...

Brilliant! This is what you do best (I love that photo!).

Rosamund Browne said...

Thanks very much, Frances. I never have liked formal graduation photos. I think that one says everything. She was so happy that day

Jenny Woolf said...

Ouch, I know that feeling. It's a very affecting poem, and a lovely happy picture.

Rosamund Browne said...

Hi, Jenny. Thanks so much. I still feel strange. I hope it subsides soon. I think letting go is one of the hardest and most painful things about being a Mum