Friday, 25 November 2011


LastWednesday my computer repairer arrived first thing to "dose my machine up with sennakot."   As he worked, he told me that the computer will only do what you tell it to do.  "Huh," I grunted, "and I'm Kate Moss."  The other day, it wouldn't let me into my bank account, my curser got stuck and then I wanted to buy some cords but it wouldn't let me register on the site I wanted. 

Now GOOGLE'S joined in the fun, and won't let me go to some blogs, which is a shame, particularly as I was invited, only this morning to "pop by" by someone who had been very complimentary about my latest Magpie effort, and I wanted to see his, comment on it and thank him. 

Can anyone out there please elighten me.  I'd love to know why this happens.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Magpie tales 92

“Have you been eating garlic?”
Asked the young man on the bed,
“Oh Jason, please don’t make me laugh,
I can’t do this,” she said.
“And you’ve got nits, I’ll swear it,
I just saw one in your hair.”
“It’s a wrap!” yelled the director,
As he leaned back in his chair.

Monday, 14 November 2011


 Ophelia, where are you off to now?
You really are rather a pain!
You’ve gone out with practically nothing on,
Do you want to go dotty again?
I must go to the top of the hill again,
Where the top of the hill meets the sky;
I painted those chairs weeks ago,
I wonder if they’re dry.
       (Forgive me Masefield.
Sorry, Frances; after seeing yours, I had to have a go)

Monday, 7 November 2011

Magpie Tales 90

Too young to know how many men were sho 
Or what the actual word “war” really meant;
  She had no notion of the soldier’s lot,
  How many sea and airmen’s lives were spent
In blood and flames and drowning sailors’ cries;
She only saw the poppies passing by,
And wanted one herself to wear, and prize;
She knew nothing of what it was to die;
So, on that morning into church she skipped,
And cracked the solemn silence with her smile,
And for a time, the mask of sorrow slipped,
As she danced with her poppy down the aisle.
She did not know how many people died,
Yet wore her poppy with a smile, and pride.