Saturday, 6 August 2011


My daughter, Hannah and her partner, Andy are staying with me for the weekend, as they are going to a friend's wedding locally.
 I think I mentioned earlier, that I have Cerebral Palsy,  I waa born with it, (personally I prefer the word Spastic, but I get shoch horror and dirty looks from people these days when I use it, so I use it whenever I can)

I used to be able to walk.  It looked a bit strange, but I got from A to B.  Now I have decided that sitting down is a better idea.  Sitting down is good.  I have a broken right knee cap, and nerve damage in my left leg brought on by a hip replacement, and only one weight bearing leg.  Each time I fell over I crashed down on to my hip replacement.

 I was strictly ordered not to do this, as, if it dislocated, there was a srong possibility the medics would not be able to relace it, and the idea of being "hipless in Hampshire", or anywhere else for that matter, doesn't exactly thrill me, _oh, and I forgot to mention the ankle I broke in April which is still in a cast.  So I decided to take to a wheelchair.  It turned my life around.  My hip is relatively safe, and my face no longer gets rearranged by a pavement as often as it used to.

My family and I just minutes after a sky dive
in August 2010
The point of all this is that Andy (See Hannah's partner, first paragraph) was telling that the other day he read a report in the paper saying that the government was clamping down on people receiving disability benefits, because most of them were shamming illness.  It turned out that about 70% of claimants were doing just that.  Well I say to you out there, if you can sham my lot, you can have my benefit and my Equity card, but if it's all the same to you, I'll keep my daughters.  That said, I confess I can't help feeling a tad smug.


Patsy said...

Yes, I can quite see why sitting down is best for you! Avoiding having your face rearranged by the pavement sounds perfectly reasonable (as does shocking people when you get the chance)

Rosamund Browne said...

Hi, Patsy, It really amazes me how easily shocked people are these days. What was perfectly reasonable, say, thirty years ago is now un p c and therefore shocking. One day, someone will stand up to the law,("an ass") and the nanny state.

Patsy said...

Sounds like that person might be you!