Friday, 12 August 2011


                                                               MAKING MUSIC

  last night I watched a DVD of the choir group "Libera". (maybe not everyone's cup cup of tea, but) I was spell bound.  It wasn't just the singing and the enthusiasm of the group; it was also the quality of life it gave them and the tremendous opportunities that  opened up for them; travel, team work, resposibility and application.
           This morning I was reading "BROTHER OF THE MORE FAMOUS JACK" by Barbara Trapido, "We sing 'Oh, Worship The King'in four parts unaccompanied."     This immediately took me back to my childhood and christmases when we sang "'Twas In The Winter Cold", also in four parts and unaccompanied.  I remember that with great fondness.  It was lovely.
     Since then I have loved singing and choral music.  Always somewhere to go; something to look forward to.
      This may sound rather simplictic, but maybe if more young people were more strongly encouraged to read music, sing and join a group, (pop or classical, whichever suits,) it would give them a sense of purpose, streets and streets ahead of rioting and looting.



Patsy said...

I agree that joining such a group probably would be very beneficial to many young people.

Rosamund Browne said...

Thanks, Patsy. Mind you thinking about it, music does seem like the road to ruin. wealthy pop stars often go off the rails. There's no pleasing some people. Glad you had a good break.