Wednesday, 4 January 2012



Why can’t we have New Year in summer?
Or in spring when the weather is warm?
We’d feel much brighter and less full of cold,
Not feel a-hundred and fifty years old,
That our “sell-by” date’s gone and we haven’t been sold,
Like we do in a January storm.

Why can’t we have New Year in Summer?
Resolutions might actually last.
(We’d not feel wretched or brim full of flu,
Hung-over or bloated by post festive “do”)
We might even feel like seeing them through,
Unimpeded by January’s blast.

New Year would be lovely in summer,
We might even mean what we say
When we wish “Happy New Year” to all that we meet,
While dressed for the sun as we walk down the street,
Topped off with a smile for all that we greet;
Wish it was on the first day of May.

1 comment:

Patsy said...

Of dear - hope the mentions of flu and head cold aren't based on personal experience!

This poem made me smile, even though I wouldn't want New Year in summer. Now seems perfect. The days have started to get longer again and although it is dark and gloomy now there's so much to look forward to.