Monday, 14 November 2011


 Ophelia, where are you off to now?
You really are rather a pain!
You’ve gone out with practically nothing on,
Do you want to go dotty again?
I must go to the top of the hill again,
Where the top of the hill meets the sky;
I painted those chairs weeks ago,
I wonder if they’re dry.
       (Forgive me Masefield.
Sorry, Frances; after seeing yours, I had to have a go)


Doctor FTSE said...

I hand it to both you and Frances! Original interpretation of the prompt.

Berowne said...

Great classical references -- I enjoyed your post.

Rosamund Browne said...

Thank you, both of you. Very kind

Other Mary said...

Heheh - great take on the picture.

Frances Garrood said...

Brilliant - I loved it!

Rosamund Browne said...

Thank you Other Mary and Frances. You say the nicest things

Tumblewords: said...

Very clever!

Caty said...

I sure hope the chairs are dry :) fun take on the pic!

Rosamund Browne said...

Thank you Caty and Tumblewords. I do enjoy Magpie Tales

Sue said...

Well done and so clever.